Social networking
for Windows Phone

  • Support for multiple Twitter,
    Soundcloud* & Instagram* accounts
    (* not on WP8.1)
  • View Images, maps, web sites
    & even Vines in the app
  • Conversation view
  • Auto complete for @ and #
  • Real-time Twitter streaming
  • Customisable layout
  • Instapaper & Pocket
  • + more!
mehdoh twitter shows all your messages at the flick of a finger
mehdoh twitter shows geo tagged information in tweets
mehdoh twitter lets you view profiles
mehdoh twitter fully integrates with your windows phone theme
mehdoh twitter fully customizable home screen layout
mehdoh twitter view images inline
mehdoh twitter local search
mehdoh twitter multiple accounts
mehdoh instagram feed


Timeline, mentions, messages, favourites, lists, retweets all at the flick of a finger.


View your timeline purely as photos. No mess, no clutter.

View user profiles, the person's tweets, photo, and even report those pesky spammers!


Respectful of your choice of colour scheme in Windows Phone. Light? Dark? Whichever you prefer!


Customise your home screen as YOU prefer. Add what's important to YOU!


View images and websites from within the comfort of mehdoh. Even save photos to your Photo Album.


Local search helps you find other people tweeting near you.

Have more than one Twitter account? No problem! Multiple accounts are supported... and not just Twitter! Instagram and Soundcloud too!


Have an Instagram account? Link that with mehdoh and enjoy your news and popular feeds right in the app!

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Designed specifically from the ground up for Windows Phone, Mehdoh takes full advantage of pretty much everything the operating system has to offer!

Mehdoh can run in the background to let you know when you're mentioned, updating the live tile, and popping up a toast notification.

Multiple account support, and not just Twitter. Also now supports Soundcloud and Instagram accounts as well.

Upload images to Twitter, SkyDrive, MobyPicture, yfrog, TwitPic,, or TwitVid directly from your phone.

View images inline from loads of images providers (instagram, twitter, 500px, EyeEm, twitpic, picplz, imgur, imgly, moby picture, droplr, yfrog.. the list goes on!)

Pin your favourite contacts to the home screen so you never miss a friend's tweet.

Follow people who tweet in a different language to you? Translate the tweets right from within the app!

Listen to your Soundcloud favourites, or dashboard streams, from within the app, or fully utilising background audio playback on Windows Phone.

Streaming support! Enjoy conversations via Twitter? Then you will LOVE streaming. Get notified instantly! No waiting!

Customise the layout of your home screen as you want it. Any combination as you prefer.

Someone post a link you're interested in but don't have time to read? No problem! Save it for later to either "Instapaper" or "Pocket" (previously Read It Later).

Listening to some music? Want everyone to know what you're listening to? Tweet it directly from within Mehdoh!

Conversation view lets you view everything that's been said so far with the person you're replying to.

No one likes spam so block and delete spammers from within the app!

Search twitter for tweets or people. Mehdoh will keep a list of your recent searches.

Update your profile photo from within Mehdoh

Plus all of the usual features you would expect from a modern first class Twitter client.

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fully customisable homescreen including
- timeline
- mentions
- favourites
- direct messages
- retweets (of you, to you, and by you)
- lists (yours, or those you follow)
- photo view (your timeline visualised)
- new followers
- instagram news feed or popular photos

conversation history

edit and retweet (several styles)

block user
report spam and block user

compose tweet
- @ and # auto complete
- reply all / include hashtags
- geo tag (add location) tweets
- upload picture
- integration with picture hub
- pin new tweet to start screen
- tweet "now playing"

upload images to twitter, skydrive, mobypicture, yfrog, twitpic, imgly or twitvid

delete tweets

add/remove tweet to/from favourites

translate tweets

post what music you're currently listening to

favourites or favorites - localised support!

search tweets
search people
retrieve saved searches
save new search

change user profile photo from within the app

streaming of twitter feeds

support for multiple twitter and instagram accounts

- like photos
- comment on photos (* currently disabled by Instagram)
- view your feed
- view the popular image
- search for images

save tweets to Instapaper or Pocket

view user's following list
view user's profile
view user's tweets
view user's photo
view user's website in the app
view user's website in external browser

pin user profiles to start screen

view tweets with highlighted details of images/links etc...

view web sites in external browser
view web sites in the app
view maps in the app
view images in the app hosted on 500px, eyeem, droplr, yfrog, twitpic, imgly, imgur,, instagram, moby,, lockerz, picplz, twitgoo ... + loads more
handle youtube videos (launches properly in external browser)

current trends (in your region)
daily trends (world wide)
weekly trends (world wide)

background updating of mentions / DMs
toast notifications for mentions / DMs
live tile for mentions / DMs

choose which pivot to start on
refresh one or all pivots
choose number of tweets to retrieve (20, 50, 100, 200)

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